South Florida-based Florida Home-Improvement Associates (FHIA) offers top-quality hurricane impact windows, roof replacements, and kitchen refacing services for homeowners across the southeastern coast. FHIA has been in the business for 11 years and with an extensive reach covering Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, Fort Myers, and Jacksonville, they’ve earned an excellent reputation for delivering both hurricane resistance and energy efficiency products to their customers.
To get an inside look into FHIA’s work and relationship with Renew Financial, we spoke with FHIA owner Mel Feinberg.

Tell us about your relationship with Renew Financial.

Mel: It’s a phenomenal relationship. I’ve been in the business for around 40 years, and financing has always been a very important part of the business. I’ve never seen a program like Renew Financial’s PACE program. It allows the customer to repay on their property taxes, it breaks the payment down into a much smaller, affordable number for them. Many customers who were never able to purchase any kind of product like we have under credit terms are now eligible through the Renew Financial PACE program.

How has your relationship with Renew Financial affected business?

Mel: It has been a major influence on business, absolutely. There is such a segment of the market here, especially in south Florida, where the economy is good right now, but it wasn’t too long ago that it was very, very bad. People got a little behind on their bills, their credit was not as strong as it used to be…But with the PACE program, it has opened an opportunity for them that they may not have otherwise had.
It has enhanced our business tremendously and, to tell you the truth, our marketing efforts are really guided towards the type of consumer who really needs this program.

Can you tell us about a customer who was helped by Renew Financial?

Mel: We have several examples of customers who just could not find the affordability or the creditworthiness to go for conventional financing, and they’ve been sitting with a leaky roof that’s been causing tremendous damage to the inside of their homes. Well, with Renew Financial’s PACE program, we’ve been able to go to those customers and really take care of their needs and not just fix their roof, but put a roof on that’s going to last them many, many years to come. We’ve eliminated so many of their problems. Without Renew, they’d still be sitting there with a leaky roof.

What does the future hold for FHIA?

Mel: We’re counting on Renew Financial to keep expanding! There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity here in Florida, and it’s been highly successful for FHIA. I see us following the program not just in Florida, but also to contiguous states outside of Florida. It’s a great, great program for our company.

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