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Transition Your Home from Summer to Fall

The Fall season has arrived and even though it might still be 90° in Florida, we are ready to transition our home to all things pumpkins, plaid, and cozy inside and out. 

Creating a Cozy Environment Inside

As you start transitioning your home from Summer to Fall, start by bringing out the candles, throw blankets, and incorporating fall colors into your home decor. Fall is all about creating a cozy and comforting environment and below we have tips to transform your living space into all things Fall. 


  • Candles: The first thing I think about when thinking about what makes Fall so special is the scents. Scents like pumpkin, apple, cider, and cinnamon when entering your home will instantly transform your home into the Fall season.
  • Comforting fabrics and plaid: A timeless fabric when transitioning into fall is plaid. Plaid can be incorporated in pillows, throw blankets, or carpets and it will never go out of style. Layer plaid pillows with fuzzy throw blankets on the couch to add interest and make sure to stick to neutral colors to keep the room soft and welcoming.  
  • Soft lighting: Create a comforting ambiance with soft lighting throughout the house. Bring out all the candles and dim the lights in the evening for a soft glow. 


Create an Inviting Porch

  There are many options when decorating your porch that won’t break the bank and will make your home feel like Fall is in the air all season long.  


  • Fall wreath: If you want to keep the front porch simple, but still welcoming add a wreath to the front door. Using natural items such as acorns, mini pumpkins, leaves, and dried flowers in your wreath will instantly bring the Fall season into your home.
  • Pumpkins: Fall screams pumpkin EVERYTHING! Visit your local grocery store or make an afternoon visit to the pumpkin patch to stack around the front door. It’s important to remember that in the Florida heat, you should try to keep your pumpkins in the shade to delay the rotting process.
  • Fall-colored flowers: Mums in red, orange, and yellow are the best flowers for the Fall season. Mums and other fall-colored flowers look great in a basket by the front door or planted along the front walkway. You can find mums at your local hardware store starting at only $15.
  • Front door mat: Layering your front door mat with a plaid underlay will instantly transition your porch into the Fall season. There are many different options you can choose from, and you can find a front porch mat for around only $10.



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