Before the Move


  • Gather supplies to pack all your things: Boxes, bubble wrap, tape, labels and markers, and trash bags
  • Start packing 4-6 weeks before moving day to decrease stress
  • Research moving companies and request estimates
  • Enroll kids into new school
  • Deep clean your old house
  • Get your old house ready for the new buyers: Paint, repair damages and new landscaping  
  • Use the list below to purchase items for your new home
  • Cancel utilities at the old house 
  • Pack a suitcase or box that contains all necessities for the first couple of days after the move




  • Change the locks
  • Have internet and cable set up
  • Set up utilities (water, gas and electric)
  • Start unpacking: Boxes should all be labeled to the corresponding rooms in the house so it should make it easy to move all your belongings
  • Update address on all important documents
  • Forward mail to new address
  • Schedule a deep cleaning for the new house
  • Make sure there is a fire extinguisher under the kitchen sink 


Living Room

Entertainment center, sofa and armchair, coffee table, shelving, decor, end table, lighting, bookends 


Bed frame and mattress, new pillows and sheets, nightstands, curtains and rods, dresser, storage bins, and hangers


Plates, eating and cooking utensils, steak knives, drinking glasses, wine glasses, drawer organizer, pots and pans, kitchen supplies (crockpot, blender, cutting board, containers) 


Shower curtain and rod, under cabinet storage, bathmat, hand towels, toilet brush and plunger, trash can, and soap dispenser 

Home Supplies & Tech 

Toolbox, flashlight, measuring tape, batteries, hammer & nails, level, smart light bulbs, HDMI cords for the TV, smart thermostat