In recent years, turning your house into a smart home has been one of the top trends. Devices like the Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and the Ring Video Doorbell have made their way into most homes in America and changed the way we live our everyday lives. 69% of homes in America have at least one of these smart devices and below we will discuss some of the most popular technology and how they have transformed our homes. 


Smart Home Device

“Alexa set a timer for 25 minutes”. In the last ten years, Amazon’s Alexa has changed the world of smart home devices. Companies like Google, Apple, and Bose have created their own version of a smart home device and you can find this technology is almost every home in America. This technology has the ability to play music, set alarms and reminders, and you can connect devices like the thermostat, lights, and even your oven to the smart devices.



Smart Lighting

One of the easiest additions to make your house a smart home is install smart light bulbs. Smart lighting is connected to your phone and/or smart home device and you can set your lights on a timer, turn lights on/off with voice commands, and change the colors of any room to match your mood. Smart light bulbs have shown to increase energy savings by 35% because all smart bulbs are LED. They have also decreased burglaries for families out of town because you can control the lights in your home through your phone and you can set a timer or turn lights on through the app. With smart bulbs you can create any ambience by asking the smart device to change the color lights with voice command or through the smart bulbs app.

Smart Thermostat

If you are looking to decrease your energy bill throughout the summer season, start looking at investing in a smart thermostat. Brands like Google (Nest), Amazon, and Apple have created smart thermostats to control the temperature of your home with an easy touch. These devices can be placed on a schedule to cool down when you are home from work and rise while you are not home. Smart thermostats are connected to your Wi-Fi, smart phone, or smart home device to create easy access to control your homes temperature. Smart thermostats are known to save you over $200 each year on your electricity.  



Smart Home Security Devices

Smart devices like motion sensors, doorbell cameras, and surrounding cameras allow homeowners the peace of mind that they are protected from intruders. Smart home security devices including doorbell cameras have helped deter criminals and increase your homes protection. These devices can trigger front porch lights to turn on when motion is detected. Not only do smart home security devices protect you from intruders, but they can trigger lights to turn on when the fire alarm goes off and help guide you and your family to safety in the middle of the night.