Florida isn’t known to have cold winters – famously, Florida hosts some of the warmest weather in the U.S. during this season. Most people save remodeling projects for nicer weather, but there are several advantages to remodeling in cooler seasons, especially in Florida! 

Remodeling contractors are generally less busy and have much more flexibility during the offseason. They can plan your project with you from start to finish, paying close attention to all the little details that make a project great. Second, some materials are less expensive. You’d be surprised at the amount of money you can save on items like doors, tile, flooring and even lumber! This means your winter project is likely to be quick and budget-conscious. 

Bathroom & Kitchens

Generally, any inside remodeling project can be completed in the winter. The bonus here is that with readily available contractors and materials, you’re less likely to see delays and you’ll be able to regain use of your space more quickly. For projects like kitchens, where it’s difficult to cook, this could mean savings on other expenses, like take-out meals.

If you’re laying hardwood flooring or tile in the bathroom, the dry winter air will help prevent gaps in the newly laid boards and tile, while decreased humidity means there’s less of a chance for water damage. The cooler air also means quicker drying times for any adhesive involved, like new tiling in your bathrooms.


This may seem surprising, but changing out your old windows for new, energy-efficient windows in the winter will reduce your energy bill and you’ll see savings immediately. Completing the project in the winter also increases your chances of a quick installation and no shortage of supplies. Our award-winning windows come in a wide variety of colors and styles and are extremely energy-efficient, durable, and have virtually no maintenance and upkeep.

With a little planning and foresight, completing your winter renovation project is likely to go smoothly and stay on budget! Our FHIA team would love to help you with your winter projects - get started by requesting a free quote!