Did you know that about one-third of your home's heat gains and losses are due to your current windows? As a normal home owner, you may first notice drafts coming through your windows before ever thinking about energy efficiency and what those drafts are doing to your current energy bills. No matter what turns your thoughts to needing new replacement windows, ask your window replacement company about the solar heat gains their replacement windows can provide you. If your current replacement window team cannot answer that question it may be time to look into a different window replacement company. Energy efficiency should always be one of the top priorities in any quality replacement window installer. 

What Are Heat Gains and Losses?

Heat gains and losses depend on the temperature inside and outside of your home. Your home's windows are the first defense from the outside elements and can allow Solar Heat Gains or Solar Heat Losses to come into your home. Heat likes to travel; in the summer it wants to come into your home and in the winter it is trying to escape. Having proper energy efficient windows will help this process occur less. 

How to Look for Heat Gain and Losses in Your Current Home's Windows

The heat gains and losses in your home are calculated by the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is a standard measurement which compares amounts of solar radiation that comes through your current windows compared to the amount of solar radiation hitting the glass. When you are shopping for window replacement options make sure to ask what the SHGC rating on each type of window is. The better the rating the more energy efficient the window in your home will be. 

How to Achieve A Quality Solar Heat Gain Coefficient on Every Window

At FHIA Remodeling we know how important Solar Heat Gains and Losses can be to your home's energy bills and efficiency. That is why we provide a variety of window styles and options with great SHGC ratings. Call us today to discuss each window's rating. Our expert window replacement team would be more than happy to come out to your home and compare the ratings to your current windows. You can use each rating to get an idea of how much money energy efficient windows could save you monthly. With excellent installation our windows will also help keep the drafts out of your home.