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Do you want to have a new metal roof installed in St. Augustine? Let our metal roofers take care of the work using premium products. At FHIA Remodeling, we put every effort into providing top-notch results for our customers, from the look of the roof to its integrity.

That’s part of why we are a BBB A+ roofing company that has worked on over 100,000 homes. More than that, we bring over 15 years of industry experience to the job. You can relax knowing that metal roof installation will be carried out to the highest of standards.

St. Augustine Professional Metal Roofers

We make sure that your metal roof is installed by trained, licensed, and insured contractors. These experts provide the skilled craftsmanship that is needed to install a durable metal shingle roof. Furthermore, our roof replacements are protected by a limited lifetime warranty. So, you can enjoy that roof for as long as you live in your home.

Why should you pick a metal roof for your Floridian home?

  • Durability: Metal roofing is able to withstand hail impacts, extreme heat and fire, and even resists winds of up to 120 MPH.
  • Noise Reduction: Our metal roofing installers use a layer of insulating sheet underneath the roofing shingles to protect against noise from rain, hail, and wind.
  • Improved Efficiency: Metal roofing with protective coatings can help reflect UV rays and heat energy away from the home. The airtight, interlocking nature of our shingles also means less air escapes from the home.
  • Stylish Selection: We have a catalog of metal roofing options in many styles and colors, including types that resemble traditional asphalt, wood, or tile shingles.

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When you are ready to get a new metal roof installed in your St. Augustine home, contact FHIA Remodeling. We will use top-quality products and experienced contractors to give you the best possible results.

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To find out more about our metal roofing company, submit your questions via our online form. To get started with a metal roof installation, give us a call today.

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