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To ensure your home is ready for the next hurricane, make sure you install strong impact windows. While other areas of the country can make do with tempered glass or even standard glass windows, in Florida they can break and send shards everywhere during a hurricane.

By getting properly vetted products for your next window installation, you’ll be able to rest a little easier knowing your family and home are safe from the storm.

FHIA is a provider of the most reliable impact windows in the United States. Our products come from amazing brands, like Custom Window Solutions (CWS) and PGT. We have even partnered with CWS to create the Energy StormSaver Window. It is one of the strongest vinyl windows in Jacksonville, FL.

Our Strong Safety Windows Keep Your Home Secure

We’re extremely proud of our Energy StormSaver windows, which are the leading-edge in storm preparedness for residential homes. It’s our strongest vinyl window having passes all impact testing requirements.

Further yet, these vinyl replacement windows boast a number of additional features:

  • SolarMax Glass: Our Energy StormSaver windows feature a low-E glass package that’s only available through FHIA. It is an insulated glass that also received ENERGY STAR approval in all four climate zones.
  • Burglary Safe: The strength and shatter-resistant nature of our glass also means that your home is better secured against break-ins.
  • Versatile Styles: Homeowners can have StormSaver windows made in a variety of styles, such as casement windows, sliders, and picture windows.
  • Lasting Warranties: We also back up your investment in home windows with a lifetime guarantee that covers hurricane glass breakage, accidental breakage, and all labor and materials.
  • Professional Installers: We have fully trained, licensed, and insured window installers who provide a beautiful result on your project.

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Not all vinyl windows are made to the same high standards. At FHIA, we meet those standards and blow them out of the water with Energy StormSaver Windows. Save money on clean up after the storm. Save money on replacing your windows in the future. Save money on the utility bills thanks to their energy efficiency.

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