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Before you commit to a full cabinet replacement in your Jacksonville home, consider this: Are you prepared to be without your kitchen for the many days—or possibly even weeks—that such a large-scale project would demand? 

If not, then FHIA Remodeling has a better, faster, and more affordable way!

Instead of completely replacing your cabinets, we can reface them to provide the same stylish update with much less hassle. Our kitchen cabinet refacing is quick, but still can be elegantly customized to enhance the heart of your home.

Our Hassle-Free Cabinet Refacing Process

How hassle-free could it possibly be, you might be wondering? From start to finish, FHIA's cabinet refacing process takes just three steps:

  1. We Remove Doors and Drawers. We'll first take off your cabinet doors and remove your drawers so that they can be refinished fully and properly.
  2. We Cover Them. We'll meticulously apply your chosen veneer or paint so that every edge and surface is clean, perfect, and good as new.
  3. We Install Hardware. We'll replace your dated hardware with your choice of updated knobs, drawer pulls, and other decorative hardware. Then we'll reinstall your doors and drawers and be done!

Of course, before we begin any installation work, we'll take the time to lay the groundwork for a highly successful project. One of our Jacksonville kitchen remodeling experts will meet with you to survey your kitchen cabinets, make sure they're good candidates for refacing, and work with you to finalize your preferred aesthetic. 

With us, your priorities and desires come first—at every step of the process!

Jacksonville Kitchen Cabinets: Reface vs. Replace

Although many homeowners in Jacksonville prefer kitchen cabinet refacing due to the shortened installation time and lower cost, not every cabinet is suitable for this type of treatment. Before getting started, we'll evaluate your cabinets to determine whether or not they're structurally sound enough for effective refacing.

Here are a few instances where cabinet refacing may not work for you:

  • Your cabinets are rotted, warped, or otherwise compromised.
  • You don't like their placement or size.
  • You want more storage or a totally new layout.
  • Your cabinets' exterior surfaces are damaged and cannot be painted over or appropriately removed.

Ready to Start? Grab Your Free Cabinet Refacing Estimate in Jacksonville

Still wondering whether to reface vs. replace? Then contact FHIA today for a free consultation and evaluation of your existing cabinetry. We've built our business on honesty and will provide our professional recommendations based on 15+ years of experience and over 100,000 successful remodeling jobs.

Learn more by calling our trusted home remodelers in Jacksonville! To sign up for your free cabinet refacing consultation and cost estimate, submit our online form now.

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