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While a beautiful home in Fort Myers turns heads, it’s important that it also can protect you and your loved ones. This is because storms can wreak serious havoc, especially when you don’t have quality storm saver windows installed. Not to worry, FHIA Remodeling is the most trusted company that provides impact-resistant windows and doors for extreme weather conditions in Fort Myers.

With a home that is resistant to hurricanes, hail, and snowstorms, you’ll enjoy the benefits of impact-resistant windows. That’s because at FHIA Remodeling, keeping you safe is our priority, and we’ve been in the industry for over 15 years. As a result, we have the expertise and experience as Florida’s #1 Home Remodeling Company to help you install windows that fit your requirements.

We offer a wide range of products made with the best materials to keep extreme weather out. Types of storm windows and doors you can expect from us include:

  • SolarMax Glass
  • StormSaver Windows
  • Storm Doors
  • Sliding Windows
  • And More

Enjoy Quality and Professionally Installed Impact Windows in Fort Myers

With FHIA Remodeling, you’ve got a trustworthy impact-resistant window company that goes all out to deliver and install tough windows that are resistant to hurricanes, high winds, and other stormy conditions. To help us do that, we partner with top brands such as Custom Window Systems (CWS) to develop the ultimate impact window—the Energy StormSaver. This window is specially engineered to address the unique demands of coastal climates like that in Fort Myers.

Knowing when to replace your windows can be challenging, especially when the issues can only be noticed by experts. FHIA steps in to help you here by providing a professional team that assists you with routine checks and suggests the perfect storm windows that fit your home’s profile. Also, the windows in our collection come with customizable options for frame material, glass package, hardware, and color. This way, you have control over the design you want.

Replacing windows in Fort Myers using our services at FHIA Remodeling means that you also get to enjoy some benefits such as:

  • Energy-Efficient Impact Windows: We must provide windows that don’t give in to storms and, at the same time, save you from high energy costs. That’s why our windows are rigorously tested to ensure they can withstand impact from flying debris and intense storms.
  • Seasoned Professionals: Our team of experts works closely with you to choose the perfect windows from our collection of attractive designs.
  • Impressive Warranties: We have confidence in our window options, and a good example is our StormSaver window which has unmatched labor and product warranties covering accidental glass breakage, hurricane glass breakage, and lifetime installation.

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If you want to engage the best Fort Myers storm window contractor, FHIA Remodeling is the name to remember. Reach out to us today for a free, no-obligation design consultation to install impact-resistant windows in your home. Also, you can fill out our online form to grab a free quote for your project.

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