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Few home improvements make as big of an impact for as low of a price as kitchen cabinet refacing! At FHIA Remodeling, we offer expert cabinet refacing that instantly modernizes the heart of any Fort Lauderdale home—without the sky-high cost or long remodeling timeframe associated with a full cabinet replacement. You'll get a kitchen that looks as good as new for less!

Reface vs. Replace: What's Right for You?

The cabinet refacing process is so affordable and fast compared to a full kitchen overhaul that many, if not most, homeowners in Fort Lauderdale prefer this option. Still, cabinet refacing won't be the right solution for every family in every situation.

Here are a few times when cabinet refacing likely won't meet your needs:

  • You want a total overhaul of your cabinets' core structure, because they're too small, poorly designed, or awkwardly shaped.
  • Your cabinets' interior components are rotted, warped, or excessively damaged.
  • You're planning a complete kitchen remodel with new floors, walls, and appliances, and you'll have to tear out the cabinets anyway.

As long as these situations don't apply to you, then you'll enjoy the major cost and time savings of kitchen cabinet refacing. If you still aren't sure about the reface vs. replace pros and cons, then go ahead and reach out to FHIA! We'd be happy to discuss your project and provide objective recommendations based on our inspection of your home.

Our Cabinet Refacing Process

At FHIA, we have over 15 years of experience with all kinds of home remodeling across Fort Lauderdale, and cabinet refacing is one of our quickest and simplest renovations of all. Here's what the process looks like:

  • Free Inspection: We'll send a kitchen remodeler to your home for a free consultation and visual survey of your space. We'll provide a free cost estimate with no sales pressure.
  • Design Customization: Cabinet refacing involves new hardware, knobs, pulls, doors, and body veneer—and we'll help you choose elegant designs for each one.
  • Expert Installation: Because we only work with licensed and insured installation professionals, you can expect high-quality results quickly.
  • Warranty Protection: Like all of our products, your new cabinets will come with long-term warranty coverage to protect your investment.

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If you've been living with the same outdated kitchen for decades, you'll be surprised at the immediate difference of FHIA's custom cabinet refacing. Explore our many design options and get a free, no-obligation cost estimate by calling our Fort Lauderdale remodeling pros today. To sign up for your free quote now, please fill out our online form.

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