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When you’re considering options for roof replacement for your Cape Coral home, FHIA Remodeling would like to offer you our metal roofing solutions. Why a metal roof? Metal roofs boost the value of your home by increasing curb appeal, energy-efficiency, and durability. When hurricane season blows through, your roof won’t cave no matter how the winds are blowing outside.

Our team at FHIA is comprised of skilled, professionally licensed remodelers who have experience remodeling over 100,000 houses across Florida. We guarantee our products and services will always be top-quality to ensure you will be another satisfied client. For the Cape Coral team that cares for your metal roof as much as you do, locals trust FHIA.

Our Cape Coral Metal Roofing Solutions Will Increase the Value of Your Home

Though metal roofs are more expensive than their shingle counterparts, they save you more money than shingles in the long run. Metal roofs last 2-3 times as long as shingle roofs, and they provide much better protection against the elements. Not to mention, metal roofs are energy-efficient by keeping warm and cool air inside when you need it, so you won’t have to spend as much on energy bills.

Do you like the idea of a metal roof, but not the look? Our team can customize metal roofs to look like shingles if you’d rather your home had a more traditional aesthetic. Our metal roofs will:

  • Cancel Out Noise Pollution
  • Protect Against Lightning Instead of Drawing it in
  • Protect Against Wind, Rain, Hail, and Insects
  • Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Stylish Options
  • Offer Energy-Efficiency Benefits
  • Offer Money-Saving Benefits in the Long Term Despite Upfront Costs

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If you are interested in metal roof installation for your home in Cape Coral, FHIA Remodeling would like to go over our many customizable options with you and offer a free estimate. To receive your free estimate, please call our Cape Coral roofers today and schedule a consultation with us or fill out our easy online form.

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