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How to Replace Your Windows During the Holidays

Replacing your windows during the holiday season can be ideal for many homeowners. The cooler weather and flexible scheduling make the process much more enjoyable.

However, you must be mindful of a few things if you want a smooth experience. The process of replacing your windows during the winter is slightly different than during the spring or summer.

This article will cover how to replace your windows during the holiday season.

Develop Window Installation Plan

Before starting any window replacement project, you should always work with a company to develop a plan. A plan will make the installation process smoother and within your timeframe.

When creating a plan, you should consider replacing one window at a time. By replacing one window at a time, you can easily keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

If you attempt to replace multiple windows at once, your home’s HVAC system will need to work harder. A window replacement company will be happy to accommodate this request. 

Choose The Ideal Replacement Windows

One of the most significant decisions of any window replacement project is your choice of products. There are numerous considerations you can make for your replacement windows.

However, some of the most important things you should focus on for your property are:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Style
  • Durability
  • Warranty Protection

Once you find a window product that meets your criteria, you can continue with the installation. Choosing the best replacement window will offer lasting results for your property. 

Keep Your Windows and Doors Closed

Keeping your home comfortable during the winter months can be a challenge. When replacing your windows, you should be mindful of your windows and doors. 

If you want to maintain a comfortable temperature, you should never leave your windows or doors open. You will keep your energy bills lower and relax during the window replacement. 

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Energy-Efficient Windows: How Much Can I Save?

With the rising cost of energy, homeowners all across Florida are searching for ways they can optimize their homes and save a little bit of cash on their monthly bills. One of the most common ways that people are choosing to be more energy-efficient is through window replacements.

When you choose new window installation in Florida, not only will your home have enhanced curb appeal and style, but you’ll be making it more thermally controlled. So, people wonder—how much will I actually save by making the switch to energy-efficient windows?

Let’s Discuss this!

But before we go into detail, we want to tell you more about us.

Since 2007, FHIA has been a trusted window company in Florida, offering a wide variety of services. With professionalism at the forefront of our operation, we’re proud to provide exceptional service that goes above and beyond expectations.

Window Material makes a Difference.

For energy-efficient windows to be impactful for your home, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve chosen a strong and durable material. More often than not, insulated glass windows in Florida will be your best option. Here are a few of the benefits that come with insulated glass windows:

  • Controlled Indoor Temperature
  • Maintains Comfortable Humidity Level
  • Strong and Durable Material


Many times, when customers see the initial price of energy-efficient window installation, they’re immediately turned off. And while energy-efficient windows may cost more upfront, they’re an investment in your home that pays off in the long run. In fact, most homeowners report that after making the switch to energy-efficient windows, they saw savings of up to $600 a year. That’s a lot of leftover money for things like Christmas presents or a few nice dinners out.

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Preparing For Window Installation Day

Getting new windows installed in your home is always exciting since you will experience the benefits that new windows can bring. From improved energy efficiency, enhanced curb appeal, and a variety of customizable window features, your home will be both aesthetically pleasing and have lower energy costs. Before you can reap those benefits though, your windows need to be installed, and if your home isn’t set for window installation day, you can face a lot of hurdles. Today, the trusted window installers here at FHIA Remodeling will go over some of the ways you can prepare for your window installation day!

Remove Items Around Your Windows

Before the window installation day, your windows need to be cleared to reduce the amount of mess as possible when your window replacements are installed. The last thing you want is for valuable items to get damaged simply because they were in the way. Make sure you take down and set aside any items either away from your windows or outside. Items to move or take down include:

  • Furniture
  • Décor
  • Curtains
  • Blinds
  • Pots

Set An Established Pathway & Workspace

The window installers will need to have quick and easy access to your windows to install them. That is why you have to make sure that you have an established pathway they can follow to get to your windows. They will be carrying tools, materials, and other necessities to install your windows, so if their pathway has many potential obstructions, then there might be issues that will need to be taken care of on your end. Along with creating a pathway, you can also set a place for window installers to place their tools and equipment, preferably close to a wall outlet.

Supervise Children & Pets

Window installations can be very thorough and require the use of different tools and equipment. A window company will make sure that their window installers have all of the necessary tools and equipment they need to complete the window installation, such as:

  • Power Drills
  • Ladders
  • Caulking Gun
  • And more!

This can be a potential hazard for any children or pets that are present during the window installation. To prevent any potential harm from occurring to any children and pets, make sure you keep them away from the main area where the window installation will take place. 

Get A Head Start On Your Window Installation

With these preparation tips, you can create an efficient working environment for the window installers while limiting as much risk of injury and mess as possible. You are one step closer to having beautiful, new windows installed on your home. 

The Latest Smart Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Your bathroom is an integral of your home when it comes to its value and functionality. If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom and make sure it is up to date with current trends, then you should get a bathroom remodel done that follows current smart remodeling trends. Today, the expert bathroom remodelers here at FHIA Remodeling will go over the good and the bad of a bathroom remodel along with some of the latest trends in smart bathroom remodeling.

The Good Of Getting A Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel, when done right, can provide you with many years of satisfaction with its updated design. What once were outdated showers and bathtubs can turn into new ones with the latest features and accessories. Other benefits of a bathroom remodel are:

  • Updated Bathroom Design
  • Meets Your Needs
  • Reliable Installers
  • Increases Home Value

The Bad Of Getting A Bathroom Remodel

Although a bathroom remodel is usually beneficial for your home, there are also a few reasons where it may not be the best choice. If you are considering a bathroom remodel, be wary of some reasons when it may not be the best choice, such as:

  • Remodel Might Not Be Significant
  • Can Take A While To Complete
  • Can Be Costly

Now that you know the good and the bad of a bathroom remodel, let’s go over some of the latest and best trends in bathroom remodeling today.

Smart Technology Integration

Among the latest trends in smart bathroom remodeling is the integration of smart technology. How is smart technology integrated in the bathroom though? Smart technology can be integrated into the flooring, fixtures, and even towel racks. This can lead to heated flooring for a spa-like experience and even bathtubs and showers that are automated. Smart technology can turn your old bathroom into a modern and functional experience. 

Using Sustainable Materials

In recent years, the use of natural and sustainable materials have become popular, and that includes the bathroom. Your bathroom can be upgraded with materials that can be recycled and are environmentally friendly. Good examples include bamboo flooring and corks for your countertops, which can really revamp the aesthetic appearance of your bathroom. 

Upgraded Bathroom Faucets & Light Fixtures 

Another trend in smart bathroom remodeling is upgrading the light fixtures and faucets in your bathroom. These small modifications can dramatically alter the appearance of your bathroom for the best. From faucets with new features to lights that impact the appearance of the wet areas of your bathroom, your bathroom can definitely benefit from those smart bathroom upgrades. 

Accessible Bathroom Remodeling Solutions

Arguably one of the best and most functional smart bathroom remodeling trends is making your bathroom more accessible for those with limited mobility. Long gone are the days where only traditional bathroom designs were available. With an accessible bathroom remodel, you can add safety grab bars and open entryways for your shower and even create a walk-in tub with built-in seating. No matter what features and accessories you want and need, your new accessible bathroom will be an enjoyable space for everyone. 

Upgrade Your Bathroom 

Those are the latest smart bathroom remodeling trends that you should be aware of when you want to remodel your bathroom. With these smart bathroom remodeling ideas, you can get the bathroom remodel you’ve always wanted. So, get started on a new bathroom remodel today! 

Do Solar Heat Gains Matter in Your Replacement Windows?

Did you know that about one-third of your home’s heat gains and losses are due to your current windows? As a normal home owner, you may first notice drafts coming through your windows before ever thinking about energy efficiency and what those drafts are doing to your current energy bills. No matter what turns your thoughts to needing new replacement windows, ask your window replacement company about the solar heat gains their replacement windows can provide you. If your current replacement window team cannot answer that question it may be time to look into a different window replacement company. Energy efficiency should always be one of the top priorities in any quality replacement window installer. 

What Are Heat Gains and Losses?

Heat gains and losses depend on the temperature inside and outside of your home. Your home’s windows are the first defense from the outside elements and can allow Solar Heat Gains or Solar Heat Losses to come into your home. Heat likes to travel; in the summer it wants to come into your home and in the winter it is trying to escape. Having proper energy efficient windows will help this process occur less. 

How to Look for Heat Gain and Losses in Your Current Home’s Windows

The heat gains and losses in your home are calculated by the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is a standard measurement which compares amounts of solar radiation that comes through your current windows compared to the amount of solar radiation hitting the glass. When you are shopping for window replacement options make sure to ask what the SHGC rating on each type of window is. The better the rating the more energy efficient the window in your home will be. 

How to Achieve A Quality Solar Heat Gain Coefficient on Every Window

At FHIA Remodeling we know how important Solar Heat Gains and Losses can be to your home’s energy bills and efficiency. That is why we provide a variety of window styles and options with great SHGC ratings. Call us today to discuss each window’s rating. Our expert window replacement team would be more than happy to come out to your home and compare the ratings to your current windows. You can use each rating to get an idea of how much money energy efficient windows could save you monthly. With excellent installation our windows will also help keep the drafts out of your home.


Remodeling Projects to Complete in the Winter

Florida isn’t known to have cold winters – famously, Florida hosts some of the warmest weather in the U.S. during this season. Most people save remodeling projects for nicer weather, but there are several advantages to remodeling in cooler seasons, especially in Florida! 

Remodeling contractors are generally less busy and have much more flexibility during the offseason. They can plan your project with you from start to finish, paying close attention to all the little details that make a project great. Second, some materials are less expensive. You’d be surprised at the amount of money you can save on items like doors, tile, flooring and even lumber! This means your winter project is likely to be quick and budget-conscious. 

Bathroom & Kitchens

Generally any inside remodeling project can be completed in the winter. The bonus here is that with readily available contractors and materials, you’re less likely to see delays and you’ll be able to regain use of your space more quickly. For projects like kitchens, where it’s difficult to cook, this could mean savings on other expenses, like take-out meals.

If you’re laying hardwood flooring or tile in the bathroom, the dry winter air will help prevent gapping in the newly laid boards and tile, while decreased humidity means there’s less of a chance for water damage. The cooler air also means quicker drying times for any adhesive involved, like new tiling in your bathrooms.


This may seem surprising, but changing out your old windows for new, energy efficient windows in the winter will reduce your energy bill and you’ll see savings immediately. Completing the project in the winter also increases your chances of a quick installation and no shortage of supplies. Our award-winning windows come in a wide variety of colors and styles and are extremely energy-efficient, durable, and have virtually no maintenance and upkeep.

With a little planning and foresight, completing your winter renovation project is likely to go smoothly and stay on-budget! Our FHIA team would love to help you with your winter projects – get started by requesting a free quote!

How To Know It Is Time For New Windows

Replacing the windows in your home may seem intimidating at first, but if you choose the right replacement window company, the process can be simple and stress-free. If you are having difficulty trying to decide whether or not it’s time to replace your windows, keep reading to learn some of the warning signs.

 If you notice that your window is sagging, meaning the frame is not straight but droopy, you should look to replace the window. Some of the other common warning signs include: the sills/frames are soft or pliable; there is streaking or moisture build up in between the glass panes; the windows won’t shut/open correctly; and locks won’t latch. The most widespread problem people see with old windows is if they feel extreme hot or cold pockets, or a draft, when standing directly in front of them. At FHIA, we offer a variety of window styles & custom options to fit your home.

The replacement windows company you choose should be able to provide you with their windows’ energy ratings and features. These ratings guarantee that your window meets certain mandated guidelines regarding energy efficiency. Vinyl windows are an energy-efficient option and can to decrease your heating and cooling costs. Quality window construction and expert installation are a must. You can also ask about the company’s custom window options, such as colors, hardware options and designer glass.

Energy-efficient replacement windows improve the overall environment of your home by keeping your space warmer during the winter months and cooler during the summer. Energy-efficient replacement windows with Low-E coating also offer UV protection, which can reduce the fading of your walls, carpet, flooring and furniture due to sunlight. New windows can improve your home’s curb appeal and can increase its value. FHIA replacement windows are exquisitely crafted with care and expert precision specifically for your home.

Investing in replacement windows is no small matter, so of course you want the best products and services possible. If you’re looking for a window replacement company, we hope you will consider FHIA. We offer a variety of window styles, competitive pricing on total home window replacement, and high-quality replacement window installation services offered by skillful and courteous experts!

Have questions or need help planning your home remodel? Contact FHIA Remodeling for a free project quote today!

5 Ways To Improve Your Energy Efficiency


Increasing your home’s energy efficiency can not only lower your electric bills, but they also help save the planet! While there are big changes you can make to drastically reduce your energy consumption, like new windows, there are also small changes you can make to start saving electricity right now! 

Increase the Temperature

When you’re away from home, make it a habit to increase the temperature on your thermostat by a couple of degrees. This will help your AC turn on less during the day when you’re not home to enjoy the temperature anyways. In the winter, do the opposite: lower the temperature on your thermostat 2 degrees lower than you’d normally set it! According to Energy.gov, this trick will save 5% to 15% every year.

Unplug Unused Devices

Devices that are plugged in but not in use still suck up energy! According to energy.gov, “Unplugging unused electronics — otherwise known as “energy vampires” — can save you as much as 10 percent on your electricity bill.” Plug devices into a power strip so you can easily toggle the power on and off as needed. Energy vampires continually draw electricity as a “standby” setting, and unplugging these appliances when not in use can save you anywhere from $100-$200 every year!

Inspect Your Windows

Light a candle and place it next to all the windows in your home. If the flame flickers, you might have a draft! Consider adding weatherstripping around the frames and add a bead of silicone caulk over any cracks in your drywall. Sealing gaps and cracks is an easy and inexpensive way to lower energy costs.

If you can feel warmth or cold air coming through your windows, your glass package is NOT energy efficient and is warming or cooling your HVACs hard work. Consider switching to new and improved windows to extend the life of your HVAC unit and save on your electric bill!

Replace Outdated Bulbs

Did you know the average home uses 40 bulbs? Switching to halogen bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs, is a great way to save on your electrical bill. They offer longer-lasting light and are more energy-efficient than your old incandescent bulbs by up to 70 to 90%.  Did you know that switching just 5 lights to LED bulbs, you can save up to $75 dollars every year. Plus, LED bulbs last up to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs, so you can save a few trips to the store!

Don’t Wash with Hot Water

Wash with cold or warm water when possible. “A whopping 90 percent of energy used for washing clothes goes to heating the water, costing you $100 or more every year,” according to Treehugger.com. Think about how much you can save!

These five small changes will have you on your way to big savings! If you’re looking to make a more significant change, consider looking into our energy efficient vinyl windows! We’d be happy to discuss what this change could look like for your home. Contact us today for a free quote.

How to Keep Your Entryway Looking Welcoming


Your entry door is the first impression that any visitor has to your house, so its importance cannot be understated! Here are some tips from your local remodeling experts on how to make sure your entryway looks welcoming and inviting for your guests. 

Paint your door.

Painting your door will not only give your entryway a visually interesting pop of color, but it will also protect your door from the elements. A new color for your door is an easy update with a big impact.

Clean your glass door regularly. 

If you have a glass door, you’ll know that while ultra modern and sleek, they also attract fingerprints and smudges like crazy! To be sure that your entryway consistently looks welcoming, you’ll want to clean the surface of the glass and remove any smudge marks regularly.

Set the tone of your house with some wall art.

You’ll want to welcome guests into your home by giving them an overall impression of your interior decor right off the bat. Some nice wall art is always a great idea to start your guests off on the right foot. 

If your entryway is tight, use a mirror. 

Some entryways might be crammed and difficult to decorate, in which case we recommend using a mirror to reflect light and open up the space. Utilizing mirrors in tight spaces is a classic interior design trick that is often used in order to make a space feel bigger than it actually is.

Include a natural place to drop shoes, jackets, keys, etc.

The first thing on most people’s to-do lists when they enter a home is dropping off their miscellaneous items like shoes, jackets, and keys. One decorating tip that will set your entryway apart is the thoughtful addition of a dedicated space for guests to take their shoes off, drop off their jackets, and place their keys for easy remembrance. 

Contact your local remodeling experts today.

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Bath Safety Tips For The Elderly

Outside Of The Bathroom 

Accessibility doesn’t only apply to the bathroom space! It’s important to ensure there is a clear path in and out of the bathroom. Be sure to remove all clutter or unnecessary objects from the hallways and entryways. We all know how it feels to stub a toe – ouch! 

Even worse, trying to find your way in the dark – a great tip is to plug in a nightlight or a motion-sensor light so you can see the path ahead (especially if you’re in a rush to get to the bathroom). 

You may think your path is clear once you’ve installed pathway lighting and moved that old credenza, but the decluttering doesn’t stop there. Rugs and floor mats can sneak up at a moment’s notice, and can be especially dangerous if it gets snagged by a rollator or walker. Consider moving your hallway runners to another area of the house that doesn’t have as much foot traffic. 

Inside The Bathroom

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), using data collected from 2012-2018, falls are the leading cause of injury among adults aged ≥65 years, who in 2014 experienced an estimated 29 million falls, resulting in 7 million fall-related injuries.

The CDC’s study found that the most hazardous activities included bathing, showering or getting out of the tub or shower. 

When it comes to home safety and accessibility, bathrooms are one of the first places in the home to take preventative measures. Here are a few tips that can help you create a safer bathing environment, especially if you or someone you know is of older age or more prone to slips and falls. 

  • Install Grab Bars – These can allow older adults to steady themselves as they come in and out of the shower or bath. 

  • Use a Shower Seat – If you or someone you know has difficulty standing for long periods of time, a shower seat can provide stability and comfort. 

  • Non-Slip Mats – Slippery surfaces and water, infamously, do not mix well. To prevent slips and falls outside of the shower or bathtub, stick non-slip mats on the floor of your shower and the entryway of the shower for added safety. 

  • Keep Things Close – An accident can happen in the blink of an eye, so the less you have to strain to grab your towel or loofah, the better. Make sure to keep either a shower caddy closeby or have your items within an arm’s reach. 

  • Make A Barrier – Keep the water in the wet areas! Opt for either a weighted shower curtain or a glass shower door so you can ensure no water goes on the floor. 

  • Upgrade To A Walk-In Tub – Consider opting for a more permanent fixture if showering is too physically demanding. A walk-in tub is built for safety; featuring a low-step entrance, grab bars, and a built-in door. This can be a game-changer if you’re looking to enjoy bathing for relaxation again.

Ask for Help

When planning a bathroom remodel, most homeowners don’t have all the answers. At FHIA, we have a large team dedicated to quality construction, safe installations and excellent customer service.

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