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Are you preparing to make your home hurricane-proof? If you live in Florida, that's a necessity—as all Sarasota residents are aware. At FHIA Remodeling, we bring years of experience—which means that we get it! We've lived through the same storms you have, and we know exactly what your home needs to stay safe.

Equipping your home with hurricane protection products to ensure that you're able to keep your property safe and loved ones protected is a priority for Sarasota homeowners. You can trust FHIA to help you with all of your hurricane-proofing needs!

Over the past 50+ years, we've been privileged to help 100,000 local families protect their homes from Florida storms. Allow us to help keep you safe as well!

Impact-Rated Windows and Doors in Sarasota

Is your home ready for hurricane season? For Sarasota homeowners, this question is of paramount importance. If you aren't sure, contact FHIA Remodeling! Our capable contractors will help you assess your current home and recommend specific impact windows and storm doors to help make sure your home is safe and sound during the next storm. 

Storm readiness isn't the only benefit you'll experience when you work with FHIA. We're happy to offer the following:

  • Florida-Specific Advice: We're happy to be a Florida business, so we know exactly what you need!
  • Durable Products: Every impact window and storm door we offer are built to withstand high impacts and last for years to come.
  • SolarMax Glass: This ready-for-anything low-E glass is exclusive to FHIA Remodeling, and we're happy to offer it to you now!

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Are you ready to get your home prepared for the next storm? As your go-to home improvement company, FHIA Remodeling is ready to help you get through hurricane season without frustration—and without anything happening to your home.

Call our friendly team today for more information about our Sarasota remodeling services, or simply fill out our brief online form to request your hurricane solutions estimate today!

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