It all starts so innocently.

A coat of paint here, some new hardware there.

… and then suddenly you’re shopping for new tubs and wondering how you’ll get it through your bathroom door.

If you’re starting to “dabble” in home renovations and think you might want to go the extra mile, here’s why you should look into hiring a contractor.

You have to plan - for everything.

Planning for a remodel is difficult, to say the least. Knowing where to start, budgeting materials, preparing for the unexpected, and handling unforeseen surprises is only part of the journey.

An experienced contractor has been through this many times, and they know exactly how to handle pesky surprises during the demo and through the renovation. They will also know where you can safely cut costs and which areas you should splurge on for the highest quality, most affordable remodel. As an extra perk, some contractors (like us!) work with in-house designers that can help you make styling decisions for an insta-worthy bathroom!

Knowledge is worth its weight in gold

Did you know tile installers don’t create tile designs? Or that you need a plumber to install showerheads and the like? How about how many inspections your plumbing and electrical need to pass? These are all critical things you need to know! Each person you hire adds to the cost of the remodel. So even though you’re planning and buying everything yourself, you could end up paying just as much as if you hired a contractor!

Besides the manual labor, purchasing, storing, and installing materials like tile can be more complicated than you think. If you purchase the wrong kind, you could end up delaying your remodel or even losing your money. If you store mosaic wrong, especially in super hot conditions like a garage or attic, the backing could warp - making it useless. Knowing what to buy, when to buy it, and where to keep it are details DIYers rarely think of in advance. 

… and if you’re still not convinced

Hiring a trusted, local contractor - like FHIA - can also benefit you in the following ways:

  1. Remodeling is faster with an experienced crew who knows how to work together - did you know we offer one-day tub to shower conversions?

  2. You could end up saving money with offers and specials! Check out our current offers here.

  3. Work and materials have warranties and guarantees. Read the details here.

  4. Financing! We offer flexible financing with multiple vendors who all compete for your business (that means lower rates for you!)

Avoid the frustration, uncertainty, and risks associated with DIYing your bathroom, and contact FHIA for a FREE quote! Call us at (813) 547-5077 or fill out this online form to schedule a time that works best for you!