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Make cooking fun with new kitchen gadgets. Not only will these gadgets make cooking fun, but they will make cooking easier and more efficient! Look through our 15 favorite unusual and exciting kitchen tools.  

1. Avocado Slicer

If you are looking for an easier way to make the famous avocado toast, we found the perfect tool for you. This Avocado slicer includes all three steps in preparing sliced avocado including and knife to open the avocado, a tool to remove the pit, and on the other end, the perfect tool to make perfect slices without the hassle. 
Get it Here Avocado Slicer


2. Prep work Progressive Onion Chopper

This is one of the best kitchen gadgets on the market! This chopper can be used on any fruit or vegetable and has different size and thickness slicers. This tool can also be used to store the fruit or vegetable in the fridge so you don't need to use another container for the left over. 

Get it Here Dice Slice Chopper


3. Veggie Spiralizer

With 7 different attachments, have fun making all different shaped vegetables. With the veggie spiralizer, you have the ability to make vegetable noodles, curly fries, or any vegetable topping. The veggie spiralizer can make any healthy meal more fun!


Get it Here Veggie Spiralizer


4. Digital Meat Thermometer

If you have ever been curious how restaurants make the perfect steak, this is it. A digital meat thermometer will help ensure your meat is safe to eat and you will never overcook your chicken or steak again.  


Get it Here Digital Meat Thermometer


5. Air Fryer

Cut calories by 70% to 80% by switching to an air fryer. Air frying cuts out the frying oil and can cook frozen foods faster than an oven, with the additional benefit of making your food crispy in no time. 

Get it Here Air Fryer


6. Herb Keeper

Tired of your herbs going bad after 2 days? Purchase an herb keeper for under $15 and your herbs will last up to three weeks! All you have to do is fill the bottom with water and the herbs will stay fresh and crisp.

Get it Here Herb Keeper


7. Hyperchiller

If you are tired of spending $5 everyday on an iced coffee from the local coffee shop, check out the HyperChiller. the HyperChiller will chill any drink in under 60 seconds and is dishwasher safe! Just pour your drink of choice in the top and let the magic begin. 

Get it Here HyperChiller


8. Uutensil Stirr

With everyones busy schedules, there is no time to stand around and stir your sauces for dinner. The Uutensil Stirr will do all the work for you! This battery powered stirrer will automatically stir your sauces, porridge, or gravy with three different speed options.


Get it Here Uutensil Stirr


9. Bacon Grease Container

Doesn't bacon make everything better? Save your bacon grease in a bacon grease container to add flavor to your next meal. This container includes a strainer so you won't get any bacon bits, but you will get all of the delicious flavors.  

Get it Here Bacon Grease Container


10. 5-in-1 Multi-Function Can Opener

If you ever have difficulty opening cans, bottles, or sauce jar try the multi function can opener. With superior grip, there will no longer be any hassle opening a pasta sauce jar. 


Get it Here 5-in-1 Multi Function Can Opener


11. Electric Frother

Take your drinks to the next level with an electric frother. An electric frother will add texture and richness to your milk of choice or creamer and create a coffee shop experience in your kitchen. Use the thick layer of milk to create latte art at home! 


Get it Here Electric Frother


12. Snap N' Strain

Straining boiling water can be a difficult and irritating task, but with the Snap N' Strain, you will save space in the cabinet and take away the difficulty of using two hands. Snap on the strainer that will fit any pot or bowl and make your life easier.  

Get it Here Snap Strainer


13. Kitchen Shears Herb Scissors

Cut down prep time in half with herb scissors. These 3" bladed scissors will slice through any herb in no time and comes with a tool to make clean up easy. The scissor grip is also comfortable for both lefties and righties. 


Get it Here Herb Scissors


14. Healthy Dessert Fruit Soft Serve Maker

Make healthy desserts in your kitchen! This Fruit Soft Serve Maker will create a creamy and delicious desert with nothing but frozen fruit. Add toppings like granola, honey, or diced fruit for extra flavor and an easy breakfast or late night snack. 


Get it Here Fruit Soft Serve Maker


15. Watermelon Slicer 

Create the perfect watermelon slices with the quick and easy watermelon slicer. All you have to do is run the slicer over a watermelon piece and it will create perfect cubes in no time. Stop trying to cut watermelon cubes with your knife this summer and invest in the watermelon slicer for under $10. 


Get it Here Watermelon Slicer

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